Who I am


I started my activities in Brazil, my birthplace. I’m initiated into various shamanic techniques and I’m also an eternal “seeker” of the connection between body and mind, matter and spirituality. Seeking deep into the mysteries of nature inspiration for the well-being of people in urban reality and practical answers to their everyday problems.
I support people to become more conscious of their own human-spiritual potential behind the physical, mental, emotional processes. Thus, the person learns to know himself in its holistic nature, and discovers the hidden gems behind their spiritual strength and learn to deal with this forces.

Since 2005 I live with my girlfriend and my son in Germany. I have devoted myself to the task of promoting and disseminating the shamanism with Brazilian roots.


As a child I was already interested in the 3 major existential questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? I was fascinated by the occult world, by the rituals or the communication with dead people or spiritual mentors embodied by a healer or by people from my family. (In Brazil are such

practices of everyday life and are deeply rooted in the culture).
At 15, I discovered meditation and I had my first transcendental experience. Since then I have been practicing different types of meditation that I have learned since then. During an existential crisis around 20 I learned the afro-brazilian cults and spiritual entities from Umbanda and Jurema, changing my world view and self-perception significantly and which since then serve me as a guide in my life and in my shamanic work.
My interest in healing techniques through sound got me learn ´sound-technic` and to build shamanic drums.
In 2009 I closed my my training as an energetic and spiritual healers in Hamburg and since then i help people in deep healing processes, give seminars on various themes in the context of shamanism, building drum workshops and organize travel to Brazil.

In 2014  I started together with Casa de Miguel Arcanjo (A Umbanda house from Sao Paulo) and got months later, the first initiation into ‘Magia Divina (“ritual of fire”).

Through regular visits to my home I always come back in contact with the teachings and techniques of traditional African and Indian medicine.

My influences:


Umbanda is an Afro-Brazilian religion which worships

Orixás, the force of nature. The personification of entities and spirits of nature through the mediumship characterizes the work of this religion. This  spirits are great connoisseurs of the human dilemmas and the path of the soul. So the direct collaboration with Casa de Miguel Arcanjo has big influence in my work.

Huni Kuin

huni kuin

The Huni Kuin people that lives in the heart of the Amazon and are true nature-loving spiritual people. Their knowledge of plants, trees, animals is profound. From them I learned the power of sacred chants and sacred rituals.

Luis Gasparetto

Luis Gasparetto is a Brazilian medium, made famous by the incorporation of his spiritual mentors and by the publication of numerous books and courses. See video below: